Regional TV is back! (well almost!)
With lots of people uploading clips of TV promos, etc, I found quite a few Regional ones.  So I could keep track of them, I set up a special YouTube channel to favorite the clips. This has been also been expanded on with my website "Regional TV Australa" 
Visit the Regional TV Australia Website and YouTube Channel.

This page is my tribute to the two regional stations I remember from my childhood visits to Echuca   - BCV 8 Bendigo and GMV 6 Shepparton.

Changes to Regional TV are one of my biggest "upsets".  I hate the way these networks have been "dumbed down" into clones of Metropolitan TV.  These stations (which once were on a one per district basis) served their communities with countless programs all made in their local areas, and were a training ground for Television People.

I know it's easy for me to say as a City person to mourn the loss of "solus" Regional TV.  In the bush, it must have been bad only having the one commercial network at times.  But I loved these stations for their "difference", and it is the difference I miss on my visits to
Regional Victoria today.  Having said this, it is good to now get three networks in your motel!

All of the stills below are links to the YouTube video that the still comes from (except one). 
Thanks to those who posted the videos!

Test Cards

(BCV one
is a
recreation of the
original card)





What GMV 6 and BCV 8 became later on in life!

(Now WIN and
Southern Cross Ten)