Our Pets  - Past and Present

April 2005 at home  -  Corey the Cat and Toby the Dog     Both have passed on, rest in peace.

         ABOVE: Benji the Cat --Sadly he has also recently passed on at age 7                                               ABOVE: Our new cat, Bella.

My old blue Tarago

June 2004 in Portland (Vic)  -  A shot of the Portland Cable Tram passing my Tarago, and a shot I had to take, the Tarago sitting on the Portland Cable Tram Track!

June 2004 at the SA Border  -  During my visit to Portland, I did a half day trip to Mt.Gambier (SA)
This is myself and the Tarago at the border.  This is the first time I have driven myself over the SA border.

January 2004 in Ballarat (Vic) - Some shots of my van with a Ballarat Tram.  Also, yet another shot of the van sitting on Tram Track!  The stop markings can be seen on the power pole.

In November 2003, on the way back from Eagle Point (Bairnsdale), I took the drive to Licola, and took these shots of my Tarago at the Lions Village.  We did a "NAT Chat" on it during the year, so I thought I'd take the drive and have a look for myself.  One hair-raising moment was almost missing a hairpin turn on the road.  Must of missed the sign!  I ended up taking the turn at 50km/h!

Hire vehicles I have driven

Three views of a Toyota Hiace bus I took for a test run to Bendigo by hiring it at
Murphy Car and Truck Rental

I am hoping to obtain one of these buses for Museum Link at some stage, and paint it in Green and Yellow "Met" livery.  I think Green and Yellow would look great on one of these, as most of them you see are stuck in stock white!

The trip was to Bendigo via Kilmore.  Shots are taken at Hudson Park, Kilmore.

During my trip to Eagle Point in November 2003, my van required some major repairs.  So I got use of this latest model Tarago for a few days, thanks to RACV Total Care

It is the second time I have driven one of these, the first time was a white one from