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Welcome to Michael Costello's Webpage - Echuca, Victoria, Australia....... - previously from South Blackburn, Melbourne.!.......

My Bio

In Echuca
River TV
Producer / Station Operator

Local video project in Echuca / Moama.  Incorporating locally made videos for YouTube, "live night" video streams, and a TV program for C31 Melbourne.

Echuca based Volunteer Work (?)
- Hopefully Coming Soon!

Melbourne & Echuca
Volunteer based A/V Services &
(Very) occasional paid work!
2004 to present
Community TV Production (see below)& Volunteer Video Services, Video Projection and PA Operation for
community/sporting groups.

- Regional TV Australia Web Project
A web project worked on occasionally, about Australia's Regional TV Stations and people, past and present

-  - Melbourne Web TV
Volunteer Station Operator
2017 to 2019
Operation of a new Web TV service for Melbourne on a volunteer basis showing old and new community TV programs - live streaming on Wednesday evenings..

AMMPT Southern Region Inc.
Volunteer Committee Member & Webmaster
2015 to present
A project working towards a Museum of Motion Picture and Television Equipment in Melbourne

Northern Access Television
Former Production Volunteer & Committee Member June 1995 to September 2011

June 2015 to 2017  - "NAT Chat" &
"Stonnington Gift" TV Special

2018 to present  - "NAT Promotions Officer"
2020 to present  -  Deputy Chairperson

Volunteer on various NAT productions over the years. Committee Member 1996 to 2010. Resigned from the group in September 2011. Returned as a volunteer 2015
Currently act as the "NAT Promotions Officer" -
promoting the group, via the website, print and social media.

Community TV Programs (Past and Present)
- Inline Plus TV with John Powell
2006 to 2007 & present   - (2019 / 2020)
Producer of the 2006 pilot episode. Assistant on the 7 half hour episodes in 2007 (mainly adding graphics and duplicating copies for all community TV stations)
- Now back as producer for 2019 & 2020!

- "Trammies - Tracking Tramway Tradition"
In 2003

- "Tram Connies - The story since 1996"
In 2002

- "Fish Talk" for C31 Subscribe-a-thon
In 2001

- "CTV In Bendigo" special
In 1999

- "Transit" Community TV Program
1996 to 1998
Producer of the "Transit" program on C31 Melbourne & Optus LocalVision. Series 1 - Six 15 minute episodes (three on C31). One hour special in 1997. Series 2, Ten 15 minute episodes.
Tramway Museum Society of Victoria
Former Volunteer Tram Conductor / Kiosk Attendant Feb 2004 to Dec 2009 & Nov 2016 to 2018
Ordinary Member 2004  - 2009, 2016 to present.

I Volunteer as a Tram Conductor and Kiosk Attendant. at the Tramway Museum at Bylands, near Kilmore
I am no longer a volunteer with the TMSV, but I am maintaining my membership of the group.

Prahran Cricket Club
Volunteer A/V Producer ·
September 2013 to 2018

Video taping at Prahran CC matches at Toorak Park and other venues for coaching and highlights, making sponsor ads for online or video scoreboard use and shooting special events. Also editing an audio podcast from season 2014/15 to 2017/18

- True Blues Radio / Prahran Podcast
Aug 2014 to 2018
Helping with Weekly Podcast by doing Audio Editing and uploading shows to Soundcloud channel.

-Scoreboard and YouTube Sponsor Ads
Sep 2013 to 2016
Shooting and editing video sponsor ads for the Prahran CC YouTube Channel and video scoreboard at Toorak Park.

- True Blues TV
Sep 2013 to 2016
Video coverage of Prahran Cricket Club events for
YouTube and DVD - hoping to do match highlights from 2014/15!

- Stonnington Gift
Feb 2015 to present
Volunteer Video Scoreboard Operator - Camera Op / Graphics Op / Tape Op / Director. Also edited video clips of footage recorded for YouTube. Doing Graphics, Replays and Scoreboard Mix for 2016, with help from another Director and Crew. Also edit videos for online and a TV Show for the event.

Blackburn Plastic Cards
Sole Trader
January 2010 to July 2013
Printing of short runs of PVC Plastic Cards.. .

Skate Victoria Inc. - Speed Branch
Former Audio/Video Volunteer
January 2006 to November 2011
Setup and Operation of PA equipment, Video Projector and/or Video Cameras for Inline Speed Skating events (at Dandenong Showgrounds)

- SkatePace TV
In 2009
Recording Inline Speed Skating races on video for
YouTube. Attempt to start Community TV Program (unable to get going for various reasons).

Met Tram
Tram Conductor · June 1993 to February 1995
Worked at South Melbourne Depot (the old one in Kingsway, now demolished), serving the Northern and Southern Suburbs of Melbourne

-Tram Routes Worked
1- East Coburg - South Melbourne Beach,
10 - West Preston - South Melbourne & St.Kilda Beach,
12 - City - South Melbourne & St.Kilda Beach,
15 - Moreland - St.Kilda Beach,
16 - City - St.Kilda Beach,
96 - East Brunswick - St.Kilda Beach,
111 - Exhibition - Port Melbourne
(until replaced with route 109 from Kew Depot).

Bendigo Tramways
Volunteer Tram Conductor
November 1989 to June 1993
Once a week volunteer work on the "Talking Tram Tour"

Welcome to my webpage!

Hi! I'm Michael Costello originally from South Blackburn in Melbourne, Australia for most of my life, but now living in Echuca, Victoria, Australia (since mid-2018)

One benefit of our move to Echuca is that I now have a brand new shed / office to call home in our new Echuca backyard!  This large shed serves as my work space for all of my projects and video work, as well as storage for all of my equipment acquired over the years!  Much of it still in plastic and cardboard boxes at the moment  - awaiting packing onto the many shelves in the shed!  Thank you very much to Mum & Dad for building me my new workspace  - and all that worked on the project!

Please Note:-

  • Having recently moved  -  this website is in bad need of updating!
  • Please refer to the Bio for the most up-to-date information!
  • More information on my past and present projects can be found by clicking on the blue links in my Bio!
  • More details on them will be coming soon to this site!
  • I have NOT cut all ties with Melbourne, and am still involved with two Melbourne based groups!

A lot in my life has changed since I first posted a website to GeoCities all those years ago!  In recent times, I have left a few community groups and joined new ones to replace them!  Also a lot of details of what I do are on a separate site - a  registered business name I use to conduct various activities.  This site is currently being re-built after a bad data loss.

Currently, I am working on introducing the
"River TV" Project--a local vdeo project for Echuca / Moama.  This project will incorporate online videos for YouTube, "live stream" nights and broadcasts on C31 Melbourne.  The project was launched in September 2021, and is a work in progress.

I operated  - a Web TV Service for Melbourne & Victoria, via YouTube Live.  This saw me running Program Streams on Wednesday evenings  (later Monday evenings) during the years of operation, showing a mixture of old and new Community TV programs.  Commencing February 2018.- it finished operating in mid-2019 due to copyright issues in the streamed content.

I am a
Committee Member and Webmaster for AMMPT Southern Region Inc  -  this is a project working towards a Museum to preserve and display old motion picture and television equipment.  This is the Melbourne branch of a national museum..

From 1995 to 2004 & 2015 to now, I am a volunteer for Northern Access Television, a Community Television Production Group that broadcasts its shows on Channel 31, where I also volunteered as a Presentation Operator in the live-to-air Control Room in the Video Tape, Graphics and Audio Departments for a period of time. Read more here, but note that the shows mentioned on the last page were never finished and never aired.

For Northern Access Television, I am currently the "Promotions Officer" and Deputy Chairperson.

My most recent Community TV Production was four episodes of the "revived' Inline Plus TV Show.  These episodes were produced on a 2019 trip to Adelaide, and were edited and screened on C31 Melbourne and 44 Adelaide in 2020.

Before that was the
2017 Stonnington Gift Special that I co-produced with David McLauchlan 

While I don't have a long list of credits as a Producer, I have spent many more hours helping other Northern Access TV producers with their productions.  Some shows I worked on include
Northern Community News, NAT Chat, Fifteen Fabulous Minutes, Those Too Guys, NAG, Et Cetera and quite a few more including a fair few one-off specials!

Apart from the above, I am now enjoying doing videos for online use, not having to stick to the rigid rules of broadcast TV.

Until 2018, I was a Volunteer A/V Producer for the Prahran Cricket Club, a Premier Cricket club.  This level of cricket is one step away from State Level.  Here I made videos for online and video scoreboard use, as well as assisting by editing and uploading a weekly radio podcast "Prahran Podcast" hosted by Nick Morrey and Will Pike.  This continues under a new producer.

For a period of time, I was also a Public Address System operator for Skate Victoria Speed Branch as well, sharing the duties with another member.  He now has the duty to himself again.

I worked as a Tram Conductor between 1993 and 1995 at the now demolished South Melbourne Tram Depot in Kingsway.  It was one step away from my childhood dream job of Tram Driving.  However, my time on the job was not to last, and it was this job (and how and why it ended) that led me to finding out I have Asperger's Syndrome.  I have tried to hold down jobs since then, but with little success.  Therefore, I am currently a Disability Pensioner and Volunteer.  No one on this pension does so by choice  - but I do face quite large barriers to getting and keeping a job. I contribute to society in other ways.

I have a wide variety of interests, including Television and the history of Television, Trams and Buses (despite losing my job), Shooting Videos, Driving around Victoria and beyond, and watching (and later filming) Sport.

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy your visit, and don't forget to see more at !

Michael Costello

ABOVE:  Doing camerawork in 2009  -  I was involved in Northern Access TV from 1995 to 2011 & 2015 to now. 

LEFT:  Ten years on…..

This is a shot of me in my "replica" Green Uniform on 17/4/05  -the first day that I used this new clothing at the Tramway Museum.

Thanks to Berensen Tailors for the
uniform. More photos here from 93 - 95.

ABOVE:  My Tarago van  - Taken at Yea.
This has recently replaced my previous one.

ABOVE:  Me skating in Shepparton, Victoria, near the Sports Precinct - December 2009